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Children & Family Services


"Leicestershire is the best place for all children, young people and their families"

This means that we will describe the outcomes we want to achieve for children, young people and their families and identify measures that can tell us how well we are achieving them in comparison with other English local authorities. We will aim to be the best performing local authority in the country against these measures, and where we are not yet there we will set stretching targets for annual improvement.


Children and young people in Leicestershire are safe, and living in families where they can achieve their potential and have their health, wellbeing and life chances improved within thriving communities.

The LCC Organisational values set out the attributes and approach to work that can be expected from council employees. CFS has devised a core set of values based on the work within the department, which demonstrate how CFS will meet the LCC Organisational values.

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You can view the Children and Family Services structure chart here.